Prospective players

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1) Players must be at least 18 years of age.

2) Players must be in good standing with the MDNT Program.

3) Non-Dutch Passport players with Dutch heritage. In short you must: A) have lived in The Netherlands for at least two years during the last five, B) or are married to a Dutch Citizen, C) or have a parent/grandparent possessing a Dutch passport and/or birth certificate. Non-Dutch passport holders are eligible for up to four spots on the 23 man roster.

4) Dutch passport holders, regardless of current country of residence are eligible to try-out.

5) For US/Canada based players, we encourage you to have at least one year of college lacrosse experience.

All new players living abroad must travel to The Netherlands for a try-out weekend. 

Official documents will need to be provided and submitted to the World Lacrosse. Please do not send sensitive information until asked to do so.