The ICT represents the best players living in The Netherlands. They practice year round, wear orange and scrimmage other national teams. Being on this roster is an accomplishment that requires commitment. You must be willing to put in the time and effort needed to maintain your spot on this roster. Selection is highly competitive and feeds directly into the Euro and World rosters.

Players living in The Netherlands, the road to the Euros/Worlds goes through the ICT. Show up at training camps and speak to the coaching staff about your interest in being an ICT player.

View the ICT schedule here.

Players living outside of The Netherlands are not eligible for the ICT, but can still try-out for roster spots on the Euro or World teams. Learn how here.

ICT in Split, Croatia, 2023

ICT in Oslo, February 2022

ICT playing in Prague. July, 2019

ICT playing University of Notre Dame in Barcelona. June, 2018

(ICT in Latvia for an international scrimmage. August, 2017)

(ICT vs. Harvard in Prato, Italy. June, 2016)

(ICT in Oslo for an international scrimmage. April, 2016)

(ICT vs. Belgium in Brussels. May, 2016)