EC 2016

European Championships for MDNT in Budapest was mostly a success, finishing at 5-3 for a rank of 7. We were a medal aspiring team, but walked away with good momentum and memories to build on for the World Championships in 2018.


Netherlands vs. France W, 21–1
Netherlands vs. Russia W, 15-4
Netherlands vs. Slovakia W, 19–7
Netherlands vs. Poland W, 4–2
Netherlands vs. Finland L, 2–11
Netherlands vs. Wales L, 5-12
Netherlands vs. Germany L, 5-9
Netherlands vs. Scotland W, 11-8


Firstname Last name Position
Ingmar Bolderink A
Ingmar Klienbannink A
Taylor Koncen A
Jelle Tuinhout A
Jorrit Duininck D
Lionel van Est D
Ian de Ruiter D
Stijn Schetters D
Rick van Kruchten D/LSM
Jesse Morssinkhof D/LSM
Jan Jaap van Noort D/LSM
Cole Bardawill G
Max Struever G
Jorik van Baal M
Erik Hoogeveen M
Charlie McCormick M
Wieland Muskens M
Graham Rikhof M
Adrian Shaproski M
Jimmy Van de Veerdonk M
Bas Verhaar M
Hielke-Martijn de Vries M
Jelle-Eric de Vries M

Congratulations to our award winners (left to right): Jelle Tuinhout (Offensive MVP), Jelle-Eric de Vries (Team MVP), Hielke-Martijn de Vries (Coach’s Award), Ian de Ruiter (Defensive MVP).

We were also featured on the local Hungarian news. First time Püspökszilágyon saw lacrosse. We knew it was something special after the mayor and a film crew taped us.

A huge thanks to all our supporters, players and sponsors that made this tournament a memorable one.

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