MDNT Program

The MDNT Development Program was established in 2013. In previous years, the Dutch National Team was organized on an event by event basis. In 2013 the realization came that is was far more cost and time effective to have a continious program in place.

The purpose of the Men’s Dutch National Team Development Program is to increase the level of lacrosse by bringing the (upcoming) talent together in the Program and to partake in (inter-)national tournaments and championships, but only when this is financially sound. These activities are dubbed ‘initiatives’ within the Program. The Development Program is open to any player that is interested and forms the stepping stone for the National Team which represents the Netherlands and the Development Program at (inter-) national tournaments and championships. Interest to partake in these initiatives is on an individual level by player.

Next to players, the Development Program has two other target groups: coaches and parents. We want to offer coaches and parents the opportunity to develop and learn with us on and off of the field.

The MDNT development program has its foundation in open development weekends which are organised (more or less) monthly. These weekends are open to any player from every level who wants to improve their skills. Experienced coaches and players are there to pass on the knowledge and skills to newer players. These weekends also function as try-out weekends for the National Team and serves as a great place for coaches to discover new talent.