In 1967 the first world lacrosse tournament was played in Toronto, Canada to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the lacrosse rules being written down on paper by William George Beers. USA, Canada, England and Australia competed in this tournament. The USA won the finals against Australia.

Seven years later, in 1974, a similar tournament was played in Australia to celebrate 100 years of lacrosse in Australia. This tournament was also won by the USA, the other three competing countries ended on the second place due to a three way tie in points. During this tournament the nations decided to host a World Championship every 4 years to keep the tradition going. Up until now this tournament has been won by the USA nine times, and twice by Canada.

In 2004 the Dutch team competed internationally for the first time in the European Championships in Prague. In 2006 they competed for the first time at the World Championships, in London, Ontario. In the Orange division the Dutch team won their very first World Championship game against South Korea with a 12-4 score. The team ended up third in the group and by beating Latvia in the second phase of the tournament the Dutch team ended 12th overall.