EC 2008EK 2008


 Coaching staff:

Head coach: David Abini

Assistant coaches: Kristen Waagbo



WDNT2008 Roster

Number Name Position Club/College
1Josephine RoeleGoalie
2Aafke KamstraAttackGroningen Gladiators
3Astrid van MuiswinkelDefenseAmsterdam Lions
5Lysette MeijerMidfieldGroningen Gladiators
6Marloes VerstegenDefenseDen Haag First Ladies
7Alize Scheenstra DefenseAmsterdam Lions
8Marielle PeteersDefenseAmsterdam Lions
9Quirine Ten BoschMidfieldDomstad Devils
10Jantien van der KooijAttackGroningen Gladiators
11Lillian ElekanAttackAmsterdam Lions
12Mary BergmannAttack
13Debby van Foeken Attack
14Erin SuikerbuijkDefenseAmsterdam Lions
15Rosa HakerMidfieldAmsterdam Lions
16Joske van de PijpekampDefenseDen Haag First Ladies
17Susan ShemeshGoalie
21Jessica StokhofMidfieldDen Haag First Ladies
24Henriette de JongMidfieldGroningen Gladiators
25Silvie van den NieuwenburghAttack
26Marjolein MunniksmaAttackGroningen Gladiators

Opening ceremony

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Women’s team welcomes Kristen Waagbo as co-coach!

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We are very happy to announce that their coaching staff is extended by Kristen Waagbo. All girls are very excited that she is willing to join the team on this short notice. Kristen is currently working as an assistant coach at Navy. She had an award filled high school career in both Lacrosse and Basketball where she won Baltimore athlete of the year, two years in a row. Furthermore, she was a member of the USA U19 team which won the world championships in 2003 and followed that up with an amazing four year stint at Duke University where she leaves as the all-time leader in career and season assists. Other achievements include 3 final four appearances, 2 time all-American, and 2 time national player of the year (Tewaaraton Trophy). You can find an interview from ‘athletes of the week’ here. David Abini and Kristen will lead the girls to what will be the greatest adventure of of Dutch women’s lacrosse in history. Kristen would describe herself as somebody who is very laid back and likes to have a lot of fun out on the field…. Laughing she added: “oh, but I am also super competitive, which you guys will find out if I step in and play in some drills with you, which I hope to do!” Well, after you have read all introductions of the women’s team members, you would agree that all girls are more than ready to fully commit to the team, their coaches and the accompanying hard and extensive practices.

Women’s game schedule is published

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Today, the game schedule for the women’s games is announced. The Netherlands are placed in a group together with Austria, Finland, Ireland and Sweden.   These are the countries not who did not already participate in the world championships. The countries who already participated to the world cup are Wales, Scotland, England, the Czech  Republic and Germany; they are competing to each other in the other group.   Below, summary can be found of the games of the Dutch women: Sunday 10 th 13:30 Austria – Netherlands Monday 11 th 16.00 Netherlands – Sweden Tuesday 12 th 16.00 Finland – Netherlands Wednesday 13 th 11.00 Ireland – Netherlands   According to this schedule, the last match of the Netherlands will be played on Friday 15 th.

Dutch national women’s team became second at Lowlands Tournament

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written by Sylvie van Nieuwerburgh

Last weekend the fourth Lowlands Tournament, organized by Amsterdam Lions, took place on their fields in Amstelveen. During this event, the Dutch National Women’s team player her first game since the existance of lacrosse in the Netherlands. Besides the National team, four other women’s teams were competing for the trophy: Leeds, Cologne, Amsterdam Lions and an All Star Team. With only one loss against Leeds, the national team became second which is a great performance and a ‘promising result’ for the European Championships in Lahti, Finland, this summer, as coach David Abini said. Again, the tournament was a big success. Great matches were played, loads of supporters were present and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Women’s coach: David Abini

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David AbiniDavid AbiniDavid Abini Can you tell us something about your history with lacrosse? Started playing as a junior at school, then played other sports such as football, took lacrosse back up when i went to uni and helped the team become a big club at university level. I have coached since the age of 16 including inversities, clubs, and elite teams What’s aspects do you like most in woman’s lacrosse? Even with all the tactics, aggressivness and physicality, womens lacrosse is still a graceful sport and great to watch   What do you expect from the European Championships? The Euros will be a great experience for the team, there will be established teams such as England but also newer team. With the World Cup the year after, every team will be giving 100% so there will be some great games played. I expect the dutch team to give 100% and win as many games as they can. We will expect a lot from the team and im sure the team will raise to these expectations. Where do the girls need to work on the most? 1) The Basics (catching/throwing/groundballs etc): You can make lacrosse as complex as you want but the basics will always remain the same….do the basic things well and you will do well 2) Learn the rules: Even experienced players dont know the rules…..learn the rules and you will have an advantage. Know what you can and cannot do and what happens Anything you want to say to the team? Get to know each other as much as possible, build relationships, trust and teamwork. A team that play together will do better than a team of skillfull individuals. Learn each others moves and how they play, learn to communicate with each other verbally and non-verbally Above all…..HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE