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 601220_330641830371418_1465718519_n Coaching staff: Head coach: David Abini Assistant coaches: Kristen Waagbo Teammanger: Physio:  

WDNT2009 Roster

Number Name Position Club/College
Bernadette Brenn
Laurel van TasselMidfield
Katarina RoeleDefense
Justiene GroothuisDefense
2Aafke KamstraAttackGroningen Gladiators
3Astrid van MuiswinkelGroningen Gladiators
6Marloes VerstegenDefenseDen Haag First Ladies
7Michell van Wert ScanlonMidfield
8Sabine van der LindenMidfield
9Quirine Ten BoschMidfieldDomstad Devils
10Jantien van der KooijMidfieldGroningen Gladiators
11Lillian ElekanAttackAmsterdam Lions
12Mary BergmanAttack
13Marjolein MunniksmaAttackGroningen Gladiators
15Rosa HakerMidfieldAmsterdam Lions
16Joske van de PijpekampDefenseDen Haag First Ladies
17Ilsa MardenAttack
19Sarah SweertsAttack
20Victoria GoldsackGoalie
21Jessica StokhofMidfieldDen Haag First Ladies
22Polly GraserGoalieDen Haag First Ladies

Today last game, change of time!

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After a hard game against the native indians (14-2 loss), the girls had to face Korea for the second time. The Korean girls are eager toplay lacrosse and a fair and great friendly match was played. The Dutch girls were a bit too strong for Korea which resulted in a 26-1 loss.With this score Holland holds now the record for most goals in a game during the world cup. Today the girls play Austria at 15:30 instead of 11:00! Because of the havy rain fall of the last two days, the grass fields are not possible to play on and all matches are moved to turf fields. Again this last match of the tournament will be broadcasted at http://videosport.tn.nova.cz/ Have fun!


24 June, 18:15: Netherlands – Haudenosaunee

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As expected after the Berlin open, the Netherlands beat Austria in a quite easy match with (17-2). Today there was time to rest and to prepare for tomorrows game. Although Haudenosaunee is just as the Dutchies a new comer in the World Cup, the game is defenitely not new to them as they present the native Americans. This game will decide if they will end up fighting for the 9th till 12th place or will end up between the 13th and 17th place. All good reasons to watch and mentally support! Goooooo dutchies   the next step in the Quarter finals. Finally a gam to watch after work time! Watch the game online and in real time at videosport.tn.nova.cz

Nederland – Denmark, 18 – 4

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I will start with quotes from the official world cup website, www.lacrosseworldcup2009.com: “Although Netherlands entered the tournament as an unknown team in an international measure, they presented solid performance.” (Ireland – Nederland) “The Dutchwomen were enjoying the game and were easily sticking. Score board showed 7:0 after just seven minutes and another eight goals were added by Netherlanders, whose aggressive and swift actions caused a lot of troubles in Korean defense.”  (Korea – Nederland)   Both quotes apply also for today. Also today the match was very pleasant to look at. the girls worked hard, showed enthusiasm on the pitch and on the sideline and gave away some great stickwork. Denmark was playing strong as if they adapted the Dutch Slogan “Alles of Niets” and was putting a lot of pressure on the bal. But nothing could prevent the Dutch girls from scoring as in the first half already 8 goals were scored against 1 from Denmark. The second half was used to try out plays and improve defense as practice for the rest of the world cup, resulting in 10 goals for Nederland and 4 for Denmark. As last but not least I want to compliment the cheering squad. Dressed in bright orange, they were singing the classic songs as “Freaky, Deaky, Dutch, Olé, Oleeeee”, “Het is stil aan de overkant” and my favorite: “Van voor naar achter van links naar rechts”. My special compliments for the revival of the Official Freaky Deaky Dutch Flag! Tomorrow, the girls are playing against Austria at 12.15 on Pitch B. The same Austria they had already beaten during the Berlin Open with 11-3. The girls won’t take this game lightly, since also Austria will also remember. Therefore it is likely to do everything to prevent a second loss.

Dutch Win Against Korea, Next Game Denmark!

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Today the DNT beat  Korea 24-1 in their second game of the C mini pool.   The Dutch women are now 1-1 in World Cup play and will play Denmark tomorrow at 1:00 Czech Republic Time.  Check out www.lacrosseworldcup2009.com  and click on watch game now to see the game live at 1:00 PM on Pitch B.

Netherlands – Ireland: 13-23

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Thanks to videosport.cz, we were able to see the game online. Almost as if we were standing right next the pitch. When the National Anthem started I was wondering if there was somebody who couldn’t be proud of our team, as they were standing arm in arm at the beginning of the game. All credits go to Mary Bergmann and Aafke Kamstra for giving us such great appearances! The first half, especially the first 10 minutes, the nerves of the Dutch girls were ruling the field resulting in a 10-0 start for Ireland. But after a quick talk of Coach David, the spirits were lifted, minds were focused and the nerves were placed under control. The Dutchies came back into the game: Ilsa van der Berg (nr 17) opened the scorelist for Holland after 20.52 minutes of playtime, quickly (22.71 min) followed by a goal from the 18 year old Sarah Sweerts de Landas (nr 18) Wyborgh  and another one made by Ilsa van der Berg (25.48 min). was the moment where the Irish Coach asked for a Time Out. This was a clever move definitely in favor for the Irish girls, because 4 other goals for Ireland were made, until a score of 14-3. Michelle Scanlon – van Wert (nr 7),who used to play defense for her club, but is in attack for the Netherlands, broke the Irish pattern assisted by Mary Bergmann (nr 12)  by a goal for the Netherlands at 29.94 minutes. As before, this turn raised the spirits of the Dutch girls and brought them back in the game where Ilsa van der Berg, assisted by Jessica Stokhof (nr 21) put the score to 14-6. Ireland had the chance to make two more goals, but with only 35 seconds on the clock before half time, Marjolein Munniksma (nr 13) was able to set the final half time score to 16-6. Because of technical problems, the broadcasting online was abruptly broken off after the first half. Luckily there are still such things as old fashioned sound only connections; called mobile phones.  So, here is in short a summary of the second half. Hopefully details can be filled in at a later time point. Almost as tradition for the Dutch Women’s Team, the second half was much better. The Irish had to work for each piece of ground. This resulted in a score in the second half of 6-7 in favor of the Netherlands, well done Dutchies! Unfortunately, this battle left its marks on some of the players.  Don’t worry dear family, friends and fans of the Dutch Players, it is nothing that our incredible physiotherapist Rachel Southall cannot fix. I think we can be very, very proud of the opening of this first game, where the girls showed that they have the quality, strength and most of all willpower to come back in the game and fight each opponent with equal strength. Tomorrow, the girls play their second game at 13:00 against South Corea at pitch B. Again, I will be dressed in orange, watching online, cheering (he, you never know the impact of mental power) and hoping the channel doesn’t change this time.

Watch Ireland v Netherlands LIVE

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Tomorrow at 16:00 (Dutch Time) our women will play their first game against Ireland. This can be followed live on http://videosport.tn.nova.cz/  (The girls are playing on pitch B) Ireland is a strong opponant with half of the squad imported from the USA.. Today, Ireland has defeated Korea 22-0. However, their team is by far not as close as  our Dutchies, who have developped a strong friendship, since have been practising already for many months. Therefore they know everybodies strengths and weaknesses, and most important… They are ready to put up a fight: “Alles of Niets!”.

Berlin Open 2009

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Dutch National Team had a great weekend at the Berlin Open. Results: Leeds : 6-3 win Germany South : 17-2 win Austria National Team : 11-3 win Quarter Final: Berlin Lacrosse : 11 – 7 win Semi Final: Germany National Team : 3 – 11 loss Thirds/Fourth place: Germany North : 4-14 win Below you can see the team photo’s made at the Berlin Open. More photo’s of the matches will follow later this week. Now, the team is settled in Prague and already preparing for the World Cup.  For the Berlin open, we would like to thank: * Bernadette Brenninkmeijer and Annie Miller for playing with us * Jason Scanlon for selling Dutch lacrosse merchandise   * Alize Scheenstra for taking our photographs Gooooo Dutchies!
squad_stairs squad_tree


“Alles of Niets!” First Steps to the World Cup

Dutch Defense putting on the pressure. Dutch Defense putting on the pressure. It’s cold, it’s wet at AMVJ Hockey Club, Amsterdam.  Germany and the Netherlands are preparing for battle.   This is the first time that these teams have met in the history of international lacrosse and despite the fact that this is only a friendly, both teams are ready to give it their all. The Netherlands team has seen minor changes since the European Championships and it was interesting to see how this affected their game.   Both teams started out strongly, but the more experienced German team had gained a significant lead by the end of the first half.    Half-time proved to be a turning point for the Dutch Team.  Coach David Abini reminded the girls of a motto from the European Championships, “Alles of Niets” (All or Nothing). This encouragment united the team and refueled their ambition to do their best.  Despite a dissapointing overall-loss, the Dutch girls won the second half 5-4. Yellow Card... Yellow Card… Sunday February 22nd.  It’s still cold, still wet, and it’s early. There was tangible excitement on the field as these teams faced each other for a second time.  Determination only grew on the Dutch side with the  first goal scored by Mary Bergmann. This is the first time the Dutch girls have ever been in the lead in an international game. The Germans chased the Dutch team for the remainder of the first half, demonstrated by a promising score of 5-5 at half-time. A successful drive to goal! A successful drive to goal! The Dutch Women’s Team was more fluid, more together than before.  They played to their strengths, refusing to be intimidated by the German team:  the Germans were placed 8th in the world in 2005, before the idea of a Dutch Women’s team could even be conceived. In addition, they played in the higher ranked “first” pool during the European Championships in 2008. The second half mirrored the first, with the Germans continuing to keep up with the Dutch, but never surpassing them until the last five minutes.  The final score of 10-8 to Germany was nevertheless an undeniable success for the Netherlands. The Dutch women lived up to their inspiring motto, “Alles of Niets” and proved to themselves, as well as their supporters, their dedication to a higher level of performance for the World Cup in June. Aafke and Jantien celebrate after a goal. Aafke and Jantien celebrate after a goal. All Dutch players are to be commended for their outstanding contribution this weekend, but the following players showed an exceptional level of performance: Sabine van der Linden Joske van de Pijpekamp Jessica Stokhof Mary Bergmann Congratualtions also to all girls playing in their FIRST international lacrosse game. Arttu Sesselaar Arttu Sesselaar Thanks must go to Arttu Sesselaar from Mokummercials (www.mokummercials.nl) for a sensational video of the weekend and to Niels Root for his coverage on www.nusport.nl.  The article and video can be viewed by following this link: http://www.nusport.nl/20090223/video/lacrossedames-verliezen-van-duitsland