Taylor Clagett

Location: USA. MDNT coach since ’15.

Middie, University of Notre Dame ’08. DeMatha Catholic High School ’04.


Tom Thayer

Location: NL. MDNT coach since ’15.

Middie, Susquehanna University ’08. Immaculata High School ’04.

We’re hiring

We’re looking for a natural born leader with commanding knowledge of lacrosse to join our current staff. You must be based in The Netherlands, be available to travel for tournaments and dedicate one weekend a month, year-round, to training camps in Zwolle.

  • We aren’t big on titles as a staff, but for the sake of clarity, you will start as an assistant coach. We’ll re-evaluate roles after we’ve had time to work together and find our rhythm.
  • This is a 100% volunteer position with no set contract, or salary. We see two years minimum as the appropriate length for the position. MDNT will pay for travel to the Worlds and Euros. Travel to training camps and all other tournaments you must cover.
  • Dutch fluency is not required, but nice to have.
  • We welcome candidates that have limited coaching experience. We’re looking first for a passionate and knowledgeable person that is dedicated to the success of MDNT.
  • We continue to welcome non-Dutch applicants interested in moving to The Netherlands, but cannot offer/sponsor residency here.

Interested? Send an email to with a brief description of your lacrosse experience and motivations for being a coach.